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Our Main Services

As an experienced interior design firm, Architex offers an integrated line of services for design and construction of your office, where we will assist you through each stage of the project. Here are our categories of services:.

As a Turn-Key Project Contractor (Design & Build Contractor)

From this, we have gained a successful growing reputation and a list of high profile clients throughout the years. We are a motivated client-oriented corporate interior design firm that provides a turn-key project approach.

As a Design Consultant

Appointed directly by Client or other parties, Architex will be your designer and project manager. We provide consultation and design work, as well as prepare all tender drawings and documentation with material specification to be issued out for tendering of best pricing from contractors.

As a Main Contractor

Appointed by Client / nominated Design Consultant, Architex will be your main contractor to carry out the construction work. We will furnish all labour, tools, equipment and perform all work and services for the proposed fit-out work. Upon client’s request, our Design Department will be pleased to offer its participation to the project in working sketch out shop drawing or design.

As a Relocation Project Consultant

Architex will be your relocation and turn-key project consultant. For office relocation, we will provide free, no obligation space planning service for your short-listed premises for test fit comparisons. Space planning in the short-listed premises could indicate our comments and suggestions on the best use of spaces. Preliminary budget estimation (including system furniture, telephone system, IT solutions and security systems etc.) for the short-listed premises would be prepared for your financial analysis. This is especially useful for preparing your office relocation budgets in a more accurate basis.

Scope of Services

The services of Architex will provide for a project are definded in five categories :
1. Design Programming

  • Outline clearly the process and responsibility of each party
  • Meet with Senior Management to clarify requirements and issues of style
  • Determine the subtleties of the building systems in regard to the Client's needs
  • Prepare a project schedule to list out the programme and important dates

2. Schematic Design

  • Develop master floor layout plan which shows a conceptual space planning

3. Design Development

  • Consolidate overall 'look' of project by 3D rendering
  • Design custom features such as select and specify all materials
  • Present all material to client and refine budget

4. Contract Documentation

  • Prepare all detailed drawings and specifications for construction
  • Submit all the necessary layout plans to the Management Office for Client
  • Co-ordinate Electrical and Mechanical engineering, AV and IT aspects

5. Construction / Project Supervision

  • Prepare contract documents and fabrication
  • Proceed & control each progress stage to meet and schedule
  • Make regular site visits
Report the updated schedule to Client
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